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       Ray's Camps is located in Ontario, Canada. We offer exclusive walleye (pickerel) and pike fishing on  the beautiful 10,000 acre Ramsey Lake. We are the only lodge located on the entire lake.  It is  a piece of God's Country that civilization has not marred in the rugged Canadian wilderness.So, except for the odd roamer or canoe tripper, you will meet only with our other guests. In other words, you are back in the bush. Prepare to RELAX!


      The camp is very remote and extrememly rustic. There is no electricty at camp. The lodge and each unit operates with propane lights, stoves, and refrigerators. Each unit is equipped with  hot and cold running water . Each unit has a fully stocked kitchen. Your bedding is also provided and will be ready upon your arrival. The boats and motors will  be ready so that as soon as you unpack, you can head out on the lake.


      The fishing at Ramsey Lake is second to none. Ramsey is a hotbed for walleye and northern pike fishing, with walleye in the 2-4 pound range fairly common, and larger fish not out of the question. Northern pike are found throughout the lake and average in the 5-8 pound range, with pike upwards of 20 pounds being caught on occasion.

      This will be an outdoor adventure that you will remember for years to come. As your hosts, we  will do our very best to make this vacation something you look forward to year after year.


Your Hosts,

Justin & Kimberly Bair



Your hosts: 
Justin and Kimberly Bair

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See you this Spring! Opening Day is May 19th.