Dear Kim & Justin, I would be remised if I didn’t write to thank you for all your help during my stay at Ray’s Camp. Kim your concern and medical assistance was professional; and reassuring at the time. Upon returning home I visited a local hospital and was told the treatment I received on the wound saved me from a very serious complication. The finger has healed completely but there is still some tender areas and numbness. Justin, as this was my first experience at your camp I would like to comment that I have been to other fishing camps in the past, some bigger with full service including guides, I feel your camp was as good or better than those big and fancy places. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and your equipment was well suited fore the style of fishing we were doing and well maintained. you and your staff made us all feel welcomed and at home. I wish you and your family will have a good year and I am looking forward to seeing you both next summer. Thank you again for making what could have been a very bad trip into a very good one. Sincerely, Bob Thomas┬áCanada Walleye Fishing