Our camp is here:

Biscotasing(for GPS) is here:

Ray’s Camps is the only fishing lodge on Ramsey Lake. Ramsey is a remote 10,000 acre lake situated in Northern Ontario.

Your trip to Ray’s starts by finding your way to Biscotasing. Biscotasing or ‘Bisco’ as the locals call it is located about a 3.5 hour drive north of Sudbury or 6.5 hours from Sault Ste Marie. There is plenty of parking at the Biscotasing General Store for a minimal charge

Once you arrive in Bisco, the fun really starts! The camp is an awesome barge ride into more wilderness.

The barge will depart the launch point in Biscotasing at 9:00am on Sunday. We kindly ask that you arrive at 8:30am for loading. We try to leave promptly at 9:00am. Please consider the other lodge visitors when planning your arrival. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Once aboard, you will be encouraged to sit back and enjoy the beginning of your journey to the bush. The first barge ride is approximately one hour long. You will travel safely across Biscotasing Lake. You will then portage over onto beautiful Ramsey Lake. There is a tractor and trailer to help ease the portage. You will be expected to help transport your own gear.

We strongly suggest to keep your camera on hand to capture pictures of God’s Country and the wildlife we may encounter along the way.

A little more travel info, here are distances from major centers to Biscotasing.