Canada fishing trip worth remembering.


I don’t often make a practice of writing about personal experiences, but a recent trip to the Canadian northwoods has prompted me to make this one exception. 

The purpose of the trip was fishing and the location was Ramsey Lake, a good-sized wilderness lake that is part of Northern Ontario’s Spanish River system.  To be more precise, Ramsey Lake is located between the Northern Ontario cities of Sudbury and Timmins, approximately 350 miles north of Toronto.

 For a reasonable fee, guests are provided with their living quarters, food, boats and motors.  

Also included in the cost is the approximate two-hour ride on a barge, taking you and your equipment from the small wilderness logging town of Biscotasing, 15 miles to the end of Biscotasi Lake.  From there, a tractor and trailer carries our clothing and equipment over a portage where it is loaded on another barge for the final two mile trip to the camp.  At the end of the week, the same method is used to depart the camp.

The camp offers a “full plan”, which includes lodging, food, boats and motors.  The food plan offered is one of the most unique I’ve ever seen offered at a wilderness lodge.  The food is kept in a pantry on the camp grounds and guests on the full plan can go to the pantry and take whatever they want, whenever they want.  You prepare your own meals.

Included on the food list is chicken, pork chops, ground beef, bacon, soup and stew, potatoes, onions, pancake mix, cereal, vegetables, coffee, fruit juices, and many other items.  Each guest is also allotted one steak per week.

The boats are 15-foot aluminum v-bottoms equipped with 9.9 horsepower Evinrude motors.  All are in top condition.

The fishing at Ramsey Lake is second to none, except maybe for one of those fly-in trips that costs three or four times as much.  And I stress maybe.

Ramsey is a hotbed for walleye and northern pike fishing, with walleye in the 2-3 pound range fairly common, and 10-12 pounders not out of the question.  Northern pike are found throughout the lake and average in the 4-7 pound range, with pike upwards of 20 pounds being caught on occasion.

Biscotasi Lake, the location of a trip I took several years ago, offers the same type of fishing as Ramsey.  The only real difference between the two camps is that there are several other camps on Biscotasi Lake.  Ray’s Camps is the only one located on Ramsey Lake.

The units themselves, which are located in the main lodge, are equipped with eight bunk beds, hot and cold running water, toilets, showers, gas stove and oven, wood stove for heat and propane powered refrigerator/freezers and lamps.

All cooking and eating utensils are supplied.  The only thing guests have to bring is the necessary clothing and fishing equipment for their stay. 

Ray’s Camps offers ample opportunity for the photography enthusiasts with beautiful Canadian sunsets, wildlife and scenery.

Charlie Roth
As featured in Charlie’s column – Sports Slants

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Hi Justin and Kim

Home and missing heavan at camp.
Just a short note to say we had a great time
Thanks so much for allowing us to come to northern paradise
Hey Justin the name of the town was Berea Ohio
Told you it started with a B
Thanks for a great trip
Brent, Jared, John, Luke

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Hey Justin & Kim!

We made it back home safely on Friday & I’m back to work. Thanks again for the great hospitality! Our time up there just gets better each year that we go back! We all really appreciate the extra little things that you do for us too!


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Hi Kim,

Thanks very much. As always my father and I had a fantastic time. It was unfortunate we didn’t get to see you at all or Justin for very long.  I would have liked to express my gratitude for making these trips possible with my father. He’s 70 this year and really looks forward to these fishing trips all year. He tells everyone at home about them and we are making once in a lifetime memories. My biggest regret is that we didn’t find out about your camp 20 years ago.
As stated by Joe we will take the houseboat the same week as they are going August  15th through the 22nd 2015. Already looking forward to it!
I took some pictures mostly of my dad there may be one of me but nothing fantastic. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great for pictures.

With thanks

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Hi Kim

Vic and I had the best walleye fishing trip ever this season. My highlight was the evening with Justin and the dinner on your deck with everyone. I did send pictures as soon as arrived home. I will send the pictures again as we have great pictures this year.I’m heading to Legacy Lodge in BC next July. I not sure but this year may have been Vic’s last big trip but I’ll due my best to lure ( ha ha ) him back.John Virgin and Walter Jansen, who fish with you in August, are good buddies of mine so if Vic doesn’t bite ( ha ha ) I have other options for fishing buddies who enjoy fishing on Ramsey Lake. One way or another I’ll be back and will bring a buddy or more along.

Good fishing


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Miss Kim, 

It was great to see you, your family, Martha, and Bill. Trevah and I had a great time as usual. We arrived home at 11pm. Thank you again for everything. Next year God willing, I will be doing the fishing while Austin runs the boat.  


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 Kim and Justin

Now that I am back in the “real world” and life has slapped me in the face, I don’t know if I expressed enough how much my mental and physical  health needed Rays Camps last week.

I just want to let you know it was Thanks to both of you that things went so well.

Thank you again
Steve Heichel

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Justin and Kim, 

Writing to once again say Thank You for everything over the last week while at the camp. We had a wonderful time as expected. You are great hosts and have helped make Lake Ramsey one of my favorite places around! We got home safely last night about midnight after the long drive, but it was all worth it. I already look forward to seeing you guys again next year! Well thanks again, I hope your season stays safe and it is a good one for you. 

Tony Eller

Westerville, Ohio

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Hi Kim and Justin.   I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the week we spent at the camp.   Everything was great the pot luck was a great way for the camp to get together.   Please pass a special thank you along to Bill and Martha for the birthday cake that was special.  The kids have grown so much over the 2 years I did not see them and pretty soon they will be helping you run the camp.  Keep up the great work on the camp and it will be a long time in the running.  Thanks again for a wonderful week enjoy the summer because it will go fast.  Mac

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