US Travellers

An important note for our U.S guests. You must have a passport to travel outside of the country. Please be sure that you have one ready for your visit! For more information, please visit

What are you allowed to bring to Canada?

DUI Charges and other possible concerns

Canadian Immigration regulations do not allow anyone with a conviction which would be considered a criminal charge into the country. If you have had a DUI (impaired charge) against you at any time and if it shows on your records within the US then there is a chance you will be denied entry into Canada. It is not uncommon and does occur.

There are possible ways around this but we suggest you communicate with Canadian Immigration to deal with it ahead of your stay. (

Alcohol in the boat

We recommend you catch lots of fish and save the drinking for back at camp.

Ontario has some very strict laws around alcohol consumption.

If you are driving in the boat and are impaired or have open alcohol then they will charge you. Many if not all US states will honor these charges. We recommend zero open alcohol in the boat and to not go out if your not sober.

Both Provincial Police and game wardens of the Ministry of Natural Resources can and do fly into remote lakes and taxi up to boats to check on illegal activity. This includes both things like Alcohol laws and fishing regulations.

These guys are serious and and don’t ignore things they see!